• Dealing with strong, insistent Aless

    Hi guys,
    Last week, @goldenboy and I exchanged several PM’s on a question he asked me. I had to do with the question how you deal with a strong, insistent Aless. Goldenboy asked me if one should have either an Aneros session or a masturbation session complete with an ejaculatory climax to reduce the intensity of a particularly strong, insistent Aless.
    My answer to @goldenboy to his questions here was in negative. I think that jacking off while it produces relief for a guy experiencing strong Aless, but it would shortchange the benefits of Aless. Likewise having another Aneros so soon after the one producing strong, insistent Aless would have unproductive consequences.
    Strong, persistent Aless following a good Aneros session is an opportunity for a guy to interact with his Aless in remarkable ways. Also Aless following Aneros session is the body’s and even one mind’s way of integrating within yourself at a deep level the feelings experienced in Aneros sessions themselves.
    So when you experience strong, insistent Aless, focus upon its intensity. Is your Aless centered in and around your prostate? Is your prostate pulsating sweetly and strongly? Or is your well-exercised anal canal and musculature also involved? Does it feel that your prostate massager is still inserted, massaging away, when you have strong Aless? Interact with all these sensations through the Kegels, nipple stimulation (diddling), and deep and slow rhythmic breathing? How does your penis and testicles feel in strong Aless? Is your penis erect or does there feel as though there is strong, persistent Aless at the at the root and bulb of your penis? Does this post session travel up and down your cockshaft? Is it localized in your Glans? You may want to expand upon these questions and experiences.
    I have been on my own Aneros journey nearly five years. I have found that Aless intensity following my Aneros sessions lasts about six to nine hours. I usually have my Aneros sessions early in the morning before seven o’clock most days when I have them. So my Aless typical lessens greatly in the late afternoon, certainly in the immediate hours just before my usual bedtime at 10 p.m.
    I enjoy those days when strong, persistent Aless occur post session. I like to interact with strong, insistent Aless with Kegels, gentle and deep breathing, gently diddling my nipples, or just sitting in a chair before my PC. Many days have chairgasms as a result. They are so sweet and strong. Often when I do all this, I enter deeply into my Aless. It is so sweet!
    Nighttime is a particularly sweet time when I can diddle and Kegel in bed. Often in bed at night and when do all of this, I often think of past sessions and look forward to next onel
    You body should be given an opportunity to teach you in Aless! Take care!


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      02/27/2018at11:20 pm

      @BigGlansDC nice to read about your Aless experiences and it’s amazing how similar mine are to yours. It seems my best Aless sessions usually follow a good Aneros session. Certain models also seem to be more effective than others in providing great after-effects. My Eupho and my Progasm Ice being on top of the list followed closely by the Maximus.
      Thank you for your sharing.

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      02/27/2018at11:23 pm

      BTW, little did I know back then when we first started corresponding, that this is what you were experiencing in Aless and chairgasms! I look forward to the future.

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      02/28/2018at6:55 am

      @BigGlansDC For those of us that regularly practice our Aneros sessions, routine Aless seems to be a reality that we all have to learn to accept. Your knowledge of Aless is very much appreciated by this Aneros “user” and I am grateful for the help! Your descriptions of the nuances of Aless has helped me during my times of extreme Aless and “chairgasms”. I realize now that it is a completely normal response. I now have an ongoing awareness of my prostates’ yearnings and realize that Aless can last many hours, not just a few. I believe that you are helping many others by teaching about Aless pleasures!

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      02/28/2018at10:45 am

      @GGringo and @goldenboy, I have risen at my customary five o’clock getting ready for the day’s activities ahead. I am sitting in my chair before my PC reading your comments. Needless to say I am engaging myself in some foreplay, lightly diddling my nipples and navel, and Kegeling in my BIKE athletic cup. Yes, I am experiencing chairgasms of varying intensities. Guys can use “chairgasms”, Kegels, and diddling to enter into a beautiful, sweet Aless as foreplay for the real thing, the Aneros!

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