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    Decided to take the day off. If you read my previous blog entry you’d know I just got a Progasm Classic over the weekend. I had the maiden voyage which I blogged about but what I didn’t post is that I had two more sessions with it within 24 hours of the first. Things I learned is that for me, the sessions were of diminishing returns. The follow up sessions were still good but no where near the first session experience. Some interesting observations I made. I don’t know if it was “Aless” because I’m not sure I understand what it is but I had some very pleasurable sensations after the sessions with the Progasm Classic. Whenever I would pop off some kegel action, I would feel very pleasant down there. It made sitting at stop lights a happy time.
    I’ve been reading a bunch of forum posts and think I’m going to give semen retention a shot. What have I got to lose? I’m not having sex with the wife and this Anerosing is really addictive, I don’t think I’ll miss ejaculating, this HFMO shit is the bomb. Oh well, we’ll see what happens, I’m looking forward to a work delay to get a prolonged session in tomorrow before work. Peace.
    P.S. Another thing I have to mention is that my frequent night time urination has seemed to diminish. I think maybe the Aneros use has given me relief.

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      12/06/2016at10:48 pm

      As if everybody is into semen retention right now. As I just commented in @goldenboys blog from today:
      Only on day 5 of SR (semen retention) last evening and not into any sexual thoughts my prostate surprised me giving me a spontaneous erection out of nothing, the same happened today when leaving work for dinner. It feels like going back to teenage years and I love it, cause I feel loaded up with energy beyond imagination. And together with SR there seems to be only one direction: UP! Towards the next level of arousal!
      Refering to your last word “Peace.“: World peace might become possible teaching every male to find bliss in himself the way we do.
      Have fun loading up your prostate to the max and let it vibe!
      On tumblr you can find some very inspiring (NSFW-)blogs referring to your topic of denial like taoist4tease, tdenialman, nevercumalwaysedge, wanttoneed or my favorite cummingwithconsequences, where I found cock hero frenzy and the edgmeplease web app. Some ot the stuff is a bit too kinky but what is left can enrich your sex life in various ways you never would have dreamed of.

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