• Day 9 of 3rd attempt

    Today is Day 9, so beat my previous best attempt of 8 days.
    I haven’t really had any big spikes in sexual energy or frustration the last two days. On Saturday (Day 7) I had three sessions (had a few small breaks) and was edging and orgasming for several hours. Was very tempted to ejaculate during the session, but had good discipline and control and didn’t. I felt very frustrated at times during my sessions. On Saturday night I tried to have another session, but it was a dud. I had been stroking my cock a lot earlier that day, and it almost felt numb, didn’t feel much pleasure at all stroking it and couldn’t really get hard. I w as surprised, because I was so turned on and wanting to cum so bad earlier that day – even when I ended things to get on with the day, I was so turned on and hard. I was surprised later that day I didn’t get back to that feeling.
    Sunday (Day 8) I was busy and just distracted with other things. So nothing to really report there.
    Today (Day 9) I’m noticing that I feel pretty energetic and awake, maybe a bit more than normal. But not really hornier than normal. If anything, a little less sexually frustrated, just more energetic. And noticing that if I touch areas of my body (eg. my face) or if someone else touches me (eg. my partner touches my arm) it feels really good and i get slightly aroused. If more cuddling and touching for a longer period of time, I think I’d get turned on really fast.

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