• Day 8 of 5th attempt

    What a weekend.
    I started a session Saturday afternoon and I was close to the point of no return in like 30 seconds. I just couldn’t get away from that, and the entire session was me fighting ejaculating. I got really close at one point and decided it was just safer to stop after about 20 min. But then an hour later I had a session for about an hour and there was no problem, took an hour break, then had sex for two hours and was no problem having control. That was sort of interesting – I can’t remember the last time I had that hard a time with control, but everything seemed fine after I came back to it. I did have some blue balls after sex though (which i had a mild case of a day before, but got to medium intensity after the sex). I thought the blue balls might be because i was having sex without the aneros massaging my prostate. I kept an aneros in the rest of the evening and slept with it it – not sure if that helped, but I woke up Sunday morning with no blue balls.
    Sunday was even better. I had a session from 12:45pm to 5:15pm, probably one of my longest ever. And again, amazing control, lots of orgasms.
    Sunday night a friend I play with online sent me a message in the middle of the night, and I had woken up anyways. So I said Id join him for a bit, but didn’t think anything would happen because I had such long sessions all weekend and was just worn out. I said I’d use my Venus masturbator since that gets things going usually when I need some help – it was amazing. One of the best sessions I ever had, lasted 2 hours. Again, great control. Just have to be very careful using the Venus – I messed up 2 of my 5 attempts using it, so after a bit when I was just close all the time (like one stroke away even when it wasn’t moving), I just switched to my hand for an hour. I have way better control when using my hand.
    Anyways – about 3 hours of sessions Saturday, and 5+2 hours of sessions Sunday.
    When i was sleeping very late on Sunday after that last session, I actually woke myself up twice with the feelings of approaching ejaculation. I think if I had not woken up, I would have blown my load in my sleep. I was laying on my side in the fetal position when I had the feelings of wanting to ejaculate, and wasn’t really having an intense erotic dream – I might have been thinking back a bit to the events of the day and feeling good, but nothing crazy. I felt a lot better on my back and the urge to ejaculate didn’t seem to happen when on my back. I returned on my side again, fetal position, and was sort of just half awake, half asleep. I felt the urge to ejaculate again so decided i was better off to stay on my back.
    I didn’t cum all weekend, but I do still feel sexually exhausted and a bit depleted – but I said that at the start of each session too, then look what happened when I started. hehehe
    I guess feeling exhausted and a bit sexually numb is expected when you’ve played for 11 hours over 2 days 🙂
    I also had about 3 close calls where i felt my muscles get a little tight where i was a stroke away from ejaculating, but was able to relax away from that and continue orgasming. In general, just had better discipline especially when it comes to using the Venus machine – after I could tell it sucking up my cock was causing me to be so close to ejaculating (even with it turned off, it has this suction around your cock that feels amazing and could make you blow your load while you orgasm and feel that around your cock), i turned it off and used my hand instead cause i have way better control. So I think I just played smarter this weekend – and probably too much. haha

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