• Day 7 of 4th attempt

    The last few days, and really for most of this 4th attempt, I’ve felt pretty calm energy and grounded.
    Had a really good session yesterday afternoon that lasted about 2 hours, a-less. At the start was maybe just a bit too agressive because I was reaching the point of no return pretty quickly and needing lots of breaks. Maybe 2 close calls, but nothing that I couldn’t deal with and carry on.
    The whole session my cock wasn’t as hard as it normally would be, especially for having not cum for almost a week! It did get very hard several times, but it was some effort on my part.
    The last hour of the session really was amazing – I was stroking my cock lots and more aggressively than usual. I was able to keep myself in an orgasm for over a minute while doing this, and probably had about 15 or so of these orgasms that lasted over a minute while stroking my cock. It was about finding the right intensity to keep me in an orgasm vs. going to hard that I’d reach the point of no return. I felt like I was at the point of no return (and having an orgasm) but had really good control and wasn’t afraid of going over.
    I ended the session sort of on a high note, cock rock hard and very horny. But I had to do other things. Within about 5 minutes of ending the session, the horniness and sexual arousal feelings really vanished. One of my fears when doing SR was that I’d just be horny all the time and would be frustrated ending a session, but I’m finding that if I take the discipline just to end it, within a few minutes my energy cools and I feel just as satisfied as if I had ejaculated.

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      03/21/2017at10:00 pm

      Yeah, you got it, @shockedwaves, that’s the mindset, you need, feeling satisfied by edging makes your day! Congrats!
      (On day 23 again by myself, with thoughts about upgrading to a 40-days-challenge crossing my mind and putting heavy weights on my balls – animally perceptible!)

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