• Day 6 of 3rd attempt

    Made it through Day 5! I ended up having a long session last night – started with about 90 min of sex, then about 60 min solo session just stroking myself.
    I felt like I was “pretty close” almost the whole time during intercourse, which lasted about 45-60 min. Had to go slow a lot, and for some minutes just stayed completely still – even that was enough to have me orgasm a lot. I did get a little closer than I wanted – I found that if I thought I was close, it was better just to stay with the orgasm, thrusting in rhythm and die down with the orgasm. A sudden stop, or sudden contraction was way worse than just relaxing and making slight adjustments to rhythm. So that was good. I lost my erection maybe 2-3 times during the course of the 90 min of sex, so thats not bad – it came back within 2-3 min most of the time.
    I was still horny after sex, so stroked my cock slowly for 60 min after and didn’t have any close calls there either, just lots of nice orgasms.
    Really good Day 5. Today is Day 6. I still got sex on my mind quite a bit. The videos at 21daychallenge.com calls these few days like around 3-6 hell days because dopamine levels are still really low or something like that. But I feel good, so not sure.

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