• Day 40 of 2nd SR-Challenge, one night left: Nothing special hitting the home stretch … finish tomorrow or go on?

    Only one thing to mention as a new experience on day 37. After urinating and milking the shaft from the very bottom to get rid of maybe some last drops of urine, instead some semen appeared, only two drops, but obviously neither urine nor precum. Concurrently the urge to ejaculate felt nearly irresistable. Nevertheless somehow I could calm down, although I had to manage some fearful minutes at the office awaiting a sudden embarassing ejaculation every second.
    Snowed under with work and private errands I only found some minutes now and then for some short Aless moments, at least providing some involuntaries and slight full body orgasms.
    Though my blue balls are quite aching and feeling heavy I’m without any doubt to cope with the next night, with my sex drive being on a low level, as I think, due to my workload and time pressure to push my personal affairs.
    Hope, I will find enough relaxation to really enjoy fast-breaking tomorrow.
    It just came to my mind, I may not “already” want to finish SR?


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      04/07/2017at5:42 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros to continue or not is the question. For me, I continue but I stopped counting; the results are positive and I’m under no presure to beat my record. When it’s time to explode, my body takes over and the deed is done (with great pleasure). Before, it was my mind commanding and ejaculation was always eminent. Good vibes to you.

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      04/07/2017at9:43 pm

      @GGringo, great idea! Thank you for that comment and the same to you. BTW, the deed is done (with great pleasure). 🙂

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