• Day 4 of 4th attempt

    At day 4 – I’ve had really calm energy during the day, not feeling all that sexual. But when I’ve been having sessions/sex in the evening last two days they went really really well. Had lots of control and lots of orgasms, and very easily was able to stay away from the point of no return.
    Don’t feel like I have a lot of stored up sexual energy though during the day. But at least my sessions at night have been great! When I stop them, I go soft within about 5-10 min and don’t feel horny. But at the peak of them, even when I end them, I’m really having a good time and feel lots of sexual energy.
    Will be interesting to see how the next few days pan out (weekends are my biggest risk for a screw up since Im more likely to have sex, and that can be a little harder to control).

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