• Day 36 of 2nd SR-Challenge: 2 hours of precum-milking with magic wand at perineum

    This morning was stunning. Involuntaries were starting with awakening. Lying on my stomach I opened my eyes and a first thrusting of my pelvis showed me that my gland already was awake, too.
    That’ll be a day, I thought, and I decided to stay a bit reluctant. Instead of joining in and taking part in those involuntaries, I kept absolutely passive. The involuntaries subsided sooner, but after a short time the next were quite more intense. As if to show me who is in command my gland seemed to push things more than when I was joining. Staying averse enforced my gland to push things even more and the result was more and more arousal finally leading to a full body orgasm near to a super-O.
    After some time I changed position putting my left hand next to my head and my right hand next to my leg, legs nearly closed and a little twisted. I imagined to be restrained that way and visualized two big black men with bbcs entering the room.
    One bbc, fully erect, came in sight right in front of my head and the naked man said “Yeah, what you see is what you get, but you’re a lucky guy, as my little brother will start first with your backdoor.” “Haha,” came from behind, “he’s kidding, we are twins.” The rest of the fantasy is even more NSFW, but let’s say, I’m still shocked how real and strong the feelings during this fantasy have been, especially from my gland.
    In the afternoon, when alone at home, I again had some time for myself. I used my Ninja Magic Wand for stimulating my perineum and thus milking some precum to give my aching blue balls some release. Nice big and clear drops showed up short after involuntaries thrusting my pelvis forward followed by a feeling in the urethra like cumming. I played this game for about two hours until my balls felt better.
    Later when lying in the warming sun enjoying this wonderful spring day, I fell into another fantasy. This time I was caught by two muscular guards insinuating I would have been seen fapping in a whirl pool. Waltzing me off to a restrain chair at the bigger pool they whispered, if they can’t capture a delinquent a day, they themselves were seated in that chair. “We only help you to get ready for the Master”, they apologized when constraining my ankles and wrists to a chair that may have belonged to a gynecologist before.
    Legs spread wide apart I soon got my sphincter lubed by one guard while the other prepared an Eupho Syn. For half an hour I had all the benefits this tool can give, while two men were embarrassingly watching me getting a diamond hard boner and oozing lots of precum. “Let’s see how he likes the Helix.” was the only businesslike comment. And I was delivered to my involuntaries for another half hour. “I think he is ready for the Progasm now.” said one of the guards, before he took out the Helix and inserted the Progasm. […] Maybe, tonight my fantasies will lead to a wet dream? Or will I make it to day 37?
    Good night, folks, and sweet dreams! 😉

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