• Day 35 of 5th attempt

    Still going!
    I have been pretty steady and even the last 10 days or so. No big swings in energy, horniness, or mood. I’d say my sexual desire in a resting stage seems less than it usually does before i started with semen retention. But when I start playing, it escalates pretty fast.
    The last week, I’ve had AMAZING control. When having a session, with or without someone, I can have pretty good orgasms and be very aroused, like right on the edge of the PONR, but still keep orgasming and going and don’t feel like I’m that close to ejaculating. When I do feel like I’m too close, I’ve been able to really move the energy away from my groin area pretty quickly and then keep going.
    I had planned to kill this challenge around the day 34 or 35 mark, but I’m just going to see how things go. If I keep this amazing control a bit longer, I might just enjoy that and see what happens.
    I’m curious to see if I keep this new level of control even after I ejaculate, or if it’s something temporary caused by the semen retention.


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      04/30/2017at6:27 pm

      Congrats, @shockedwaves, you succesfully separated your orgasms from your ejaculation! From my experience it seems to be something we take with us. I call it a milestone of my journey but I don’t count the days anymore. Lately I liked to do some ruined wet orgasms, keeping my arousal state high, but can’t say when the last ejaculation might have happened. Only by suddenly feeling the heavy weight of my balls while writing this I assume they carry a load of at least a week. Happy blue balls and good vibes!

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      04/30/2017at8:12 pm

      @shockedwaves Great post! I’m curious, though: have you had any wet dreams yet?

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      04/30/2017at11:02 pm

      I separated orgasm from ejaculation years ago. It’s more just another level of control I’m experiencing right now. Not a new thing.

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      05/01/2017at9:44 pm

      Sorry, my fault, a senior moment when writing my comment.

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