• Day 35 of 2nd SR Challenge – Precum milking all night long the night before

    Yesterday horniness seemed to be a little lower than at full peak as on the days before, but nevertheless it was present all day long. In the evening I searched some porn sites and started masturbating at a very slow pace, just fast enough to help some precum appear on the glans. Starting some kegels too I maximized the precum flow and I got quite a lot to lick up. Some bigger amounts oozing already felt next to cumming but it was only clear precum. At five o’clock in the morning I surrendered to sleep, what was much too late. Today we’ve been out for a family date and the rest of the day we had to do errands and homework. Precum milking helped with my blue balls so far, as they are not aching so much today. Some Aless moments this morning and this afternoon kept quite dissatisfying. Five days left and more and more sceptical whether a wet dream may ruin my challenge on the home stretch.
    Best vibes!

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