• Day 35 – end of 5th attempt

    Well, had an amazing session with a friend of mine yesterday. I had been planning to end the semen retention challenge around Day 34, but due to scheduling a friend of mine pushed that out to day 35. Even then, I had sort of told myself that I might end it, might not. I was just going to see how I feel. If things die down during the session naturally, I’ll leave it at that. Otherwise, I’ll give myself permission to ejaculate and really enjoy it.
    Well, 4 hours into the session, things were not dying down. I separated orgasm from ejaculation about 2 years ago, and am quite good at it, but the last week or two of the semen retention challenge gave me even better control I think. So while trying to cum near the end of the session, I was actually having a hard time letting go. But the orgasms I was causing were amazing, lasting 2 or 3 minutes. It just seemed to be continuous orgasm.
    That actually sometimes happens at the end of longer sessions anyways, but it seemed extra special 🙂
    When I did cum, it was amazing. I covered my face and blew right over my head a few squirts. The ejaculation probably lasted about 20-30 seconds, so much longer than usual. We decided to ejaculate again about 15 min later and that was also a lot and very strong.
    Feeling very horny this morning thinking about it, and excited for the next few days. I’m going to end the semen retention challenge, but going to focus more on building up some stamina using a Venus 2000 machine I got delivered right at the start of the semen retention challenge in February. I haven’t really been able to just relax and use that yet since I’ve been too close to cumming. So want to learn how to enjoy multiple orgasms while being stroked by that machine. Should be amazing. (it was the cause of 2 of the 4 unintentional failures during the SR challenge).
    Will be interesting to see if I notice much physical or mental differences over the next few days. I’m guessing I might be ejaculating almost every day for the next week or so cause I’m pretty happy I can 🙂


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      05/02/2017at8:08 pm

      I’m guessing I might be ejaculating almost every day for the next week or so cause I’m pretty happy I can 🙂

      Had the same idea first, but after my second ejaculation I again prefered dry orgasms. Eager to know what your week will offer you.
      After all, have fun and good vibes!

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      05/02/2017at8:13 pm

      I ejaculated again yesterday, but it was actually difficult to get an erection and maintain it. First time in a long time that happened. Usually I’m ready to go and horny a day or two later – not this time.

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