• Day 28 of 2nd SR-Challenge

    Hi everybody, on my 28th day of SR I can report about a five hour lasting session with wonderful heights. Left alone for quite the whole day I found some time for myself. Staying in pyjamas and gown I liked to use my primary search words “edging cumcontrol tumblr” to find some porn and some incitements for my session.
    First I was into using my Magic Wand vibrator, but as its battery was low I searched for a replacement. In her bedside cabinet I made a find. A tiny vibrator slightly thicker and longer than my middlefinger. It was of super smooth silicone and felt like a worry stone. First I thought of the frequency as too high to enjoy but still wanted to give it a chance. I started my discovery route with some pressure on my perineum. First I felt nothing and already wanted to give it up, when I suddenly found some spots that gave me pleasure and already induced sudden involuntaries. That’s it, I thought, and sticked to it for some time, slowly driving me in to a frenzy. When feeling it could become too much I resisted to take it away, risking my SR-challenge, still wavering to end it up or to continue for another 12 days to cope with the famous “40 days and 40 nights”. Thus I heightened up my arousal more and more until I was so close I had to give it up. Resting on the couch I calmed down and out of a sudden, when nearly fully relaxed, a Super-O came over me like a breaking wave, sending me into several wonderful minutes of tremendous Aless.
    After a while I decided to take up the vibrator again and put it on my frenulum. Quickly I got rock hard again and ran up the hill to the PONR. It was a very risky play as I often thought I couldn’t bear it any longer and would ejaculate. But I only drenched my underwear with precum. Finally I had to end up again, while the clock showed that already three hours had gone by. Now I got my Tempo ready, prepared myself and put it in with some vaseline. Having the vibrator with me it came to my mind to put it on the metal handle of the Tempo. It was overwhelming. Because of the massive steel body of the tempo the vibration felt even stronger inside me than before while in direct contact to my body. I had my fun. It was fantastic. Nevertheless I stopped the vibration and lay down doing nothing. Now my Tempo took over and as if it had saved all the vibration it shook me into another frenzy. Summarizing I can say this little vibrator made my day.
    Have a good weekend!

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