• Day 2 of 3rd attempt

    2 days now since I ejaculated. The first time I tried semen retention (I guess 2 ish weeks ago now), I was really horny and thought it was a huge challenge even by day 2. The 2nd and 3rd attempts, at around the day 2 mark I’ve been much less aroused.
    I had a session yesterday, but it didn’t last very long. Was hard for about 30 min or so before I got soft, and had a few orgasms, but nothing too strong. My sessions start to die after 2-3 hours usually, but this one was dead after 30 min. Had one close call (was using a new masturbator toy that literally is powered and jacks you off – so still getting the hang of it), but managed to stay away from ejaculating. But learned a bit of a lesson – I made it to 8 days on the first attempt because I wasn’t touching my cock very much. I keep having close calls lately because I am stimulating my cock. Especially starting a session, it’s easy to trigger the ejaculation reflex with cock stimulation when you aren’t having orgasms quite yet. The orgasms help move that energy away from your cock, so I think I should avoid touching my cock unless I’m well into strong multiple orgasms.
    So going forward, going to have most sessions start with just Aneros type toys and no cock stimulation. If I’m having good orgasms, then I’ll stroke my cock if it feels safe to do so (and go slow). I can’t avoid sex completely, but I’ll have to be careful with that too. In general though, I find it easier to avoid ejaculation having sex if I’m careful and enjoying orgasms.


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      02/27/2017at5:34 pm

      Its all very much OK with partner sex. Often when we are older our partners lose in in sex and then semen retention is somewhat easier to practice long term. In the meanwhile, coitus reservatus can be your goal – just accept the slip-ups that will inevitably happen along the way.

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      03/01/2017at5:04 pm

      Thanks – I usually can get through an hour or two of intercourse with good control and not ejaculating. It was a bit unusual i triggered the ejaculation reflex/contractions last weekend. I stopped it, but it went far enough that a lot of sexual energy was lost and had to restart. so just have to be a bit more conscious and careful.
      Basically what happened was i was having multiple orgasms and fucking, but then started going too hard and fast. Its when i stopped suddenly that all of a sudden the reflex got triggered. So just slower and no big changes to movements will help out next time.

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