• Day 2 of 2nd attempt

    It’s been about 36 hours now since I ejaculated (at that point had made it to 8 days before I had to start again).
    When I was ejaculating 2-3 times per week normally and not trying semen retention, usually by now I would start feeling a bit more interested in sex and horny. I still feel a bit drained and uninterested. So I wonder if the drop in sexual energy after 8 days of not ejaculating has lead to more of a depletion that takes longer to recover from. That almost seems like an argument not to do semen retention.
    Gonna see what happens and stick it out. Might try to play with myself tonight in a session and see if just getting some good feelings and pleasure (without ejaculating!) helps build up the energy and interest going forward. I’d hate to think that by Friday/Saturday (tomorrow/Saturday) I’m still feeling depleted and uninterested in sex because of an ejaculation that happened on Tuesday!!!! That simply didn’t happen when I was ejaculating every 2-3 days. Usually within 12-24 hours I was horny again.

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