• Day 19 of 5th attempt

    Everything going well. No wild swings in horniness, energy, or mood.
    I did have some sessions this week, and other than that one I mentioned in my last update on Monday where I was soft and things just weren’t working, things have been great. My cock is super sensitive, so when I play with someone they just need to touch me very lightly to get me rock hard and orgasming. Also best to keep the touch to the base part of my cock instead of the top part.
    Anyways – I think I’ll make it to 21 days this time for sure. My goal is to get to 34, and then call it quits for a bit. After that, I’ll go back to ejaculating only when the urge is really really really there (or happens accidnetally) which in the past was 1-2 times per week. It’s not a firm plan though – I’m just going to see how things feel once I start ejaculating again and go with the flow.

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      04/14/2017at8:20 pm

      Hey @shockedwaves, that are great news! Congrats on your new record! As I expected, some regresses might have happened, but all in all you will make great advances.
      I couldn’t resist to smile when reading about your higher goal. Great! There is a lot of horniness coming from SR, isn’t it? It looks like my inner voice is telling my subconsciousness, “hey, I must admit, this strong urge to cum isn’t feeling that bad, perhaps we could endure even a little more and concurrently enjoy this fine tingling and these lustful vibes a bit longer, too, can’t we?”
      And I had to smile again when I read about your new attitude towards ejaculation, cause it’s very similar to mine after my last challenge.
      It just now came to my mind to count the days since my last cumming, but the next second I refused, cause I don’t want to start another challenge right now, though I really enjoy the feeling of my quite heavy balls.
      Albeit I had a wonderful edging session last night, testing the lubrication properties of coconut oil, pulling back my foreskin and vigorously rubbing my uncovered glans for one hour and fifteen minutes, I felt fine with finally going to sleep without cumming.
      By the way that’s how I just found my new favorite of all lubes! Every other lube I know would have been absorbed completely after at least about 15 minutes. This origin coconut oil mingled with my precum and I had to take some tissue to rub it off even after that long time of constant and forcefully rubbing. Though you might think this is off-topic, I’d dare say, you’re wrong, as this lube maximizes the band width between my states of highest arousal, point-of-no-return and ejaculation, helping me quite easily keeping control about cumming or not on an awesome high level.
      Thumbs up again! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and wish you the best vibes!

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