• Day 16 – end of 3rd attempt

    Last few days was feeling really good. Great mood, good energy, not sexually frustrated. Felt excited about sex a lot during the day, looking forward to sessions that would be coming up.
    Also during sessions last few days felt like I had a lot more control and easy to know where to stop stimulation to cock and avoid the point of no return.
    Failed last night during playtime. Too much muscular tension I think while playing and triggered the ejaculation reflex. Stopped it with my muscles but the hormones and stiffness of my cock immediately decreased. So while it only lasted a few seconds and there was maybe only one contraction – which I squeezed and held a squeeze for 10-15 seconds to stop further contractions (and nothing came out), i felt different and knew it had gone too far.
    So time to start over.

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