• Day 15 of 5th attempt

    So it’s been pretty smooth sailing from about Days 0 to 12 or 13 of this attempt. I felt almost the same as I did the whole time on attempt #4.
    Something changed on the weekend. I had sex Saturday afternoon, and energy level cooled after a few minutes when we stopped. That was normal (and something I thought i learned during SR, because I used to think Id be frustrated all day, but ive always felt like the energy cools quickly). Then Saturday night I got aroused again right before bed, and fell asleep like that. No dreams that I remember, but I woke up very horny on Sunday and couldn’t get sex off my mind. I had a very good session Sunday afternoon for about 3 hours, but then after when I stopped, the energy didn’t cool. I felt pent up horniness, buzzing, and was having orgasms and nice pleasure waves of feeling all evening, A-less, while doing other things like eating dinner and watching TV.
    Monday (today), woke up and thats continuing. Not really walking around with an erection all day or anything like that, but im leaking pre cum all day so far. my underwear is wet, every time i go to the bathroom, i can see ive been leaking a few drops (and i am aroused all day, just not hard).
    So really really really missing the “getting off” feeling. Cause right now, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else, and feeling a bit jittery and anxious. It’s sort of fun, but sort of not. I’d like to turn it off right now for a few hours while im at work then turn back on later 🙂
    It is def the horniest I’ve been since mid Feb when I started this challenge.
    1st attempt – 8 days
    2nd attempt – 4 days
    3rd attempt – 16 days
    4th attempt – 13 days
    5th attempt – 15 days and counting

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      04/11/2017at1:04 pm

      @shockwaves, I’m salute you for your determination and appreciate you sharing your moments with everyone. Thanks & good luck!

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