• Day 13 – last day of 4th Attempt. Day 0 of 5th attempt

    Was having a good session with my eupho syn and Venus 2000 masturbator all setup. Was soft most of the session, but getting close quite quickly. Was probably hovering too close to the point of no return for too long. Eventually, when I turned the masturbator off (I turn it off and on every few strokes as I get close) I was tight and couldn’t move the energy up my body. I thought it would be better to turn it back on to get it back up to the highest point of the stroke to sort of “let go” of my dick, but that made it worse and the stroke just caused more tension and contractions. I slowly spilled my load into it, and didn’t try to hold a contraction to stop what I knew was too late.
    The ejaculation lasted about double the length of what a normal ejaculation does. And the contractions seemed a little slower and not as strong. I wasn’t that hard either when I ejaculated. In the minutes afterwards, I actually felt almost no loss of sexual energy. Like my head wasn’t a bit cloudy, I still felt kinda horny (although pissed off at myself for slipping up). In fact, it’s been about 15-20 min since I ejaculated, and typing this I’m getting horny thinking about the session and thinking about touching myself again (so will probably go try to play a bit after I type this, just curious what that feels like).
    Very little if any change in mood this time. The other three attempts when I failed, I really felt a depleted sexual energy. This time I don’t. The only thing I know is different this time is that I let myself spill my load and the other times I held a contraction and stopped anything from coming out. The muscles during the ejaculation this time were quite relaxed instead and the contractions of the ejaculation also never really got that strong. I wonder if that’s why I’m feeling physically very much the same. Will be interesting to see how the next few days go.
    I also wonder if although i was only on day 13, maybe the lack of ejaculating during the previous 3 attempts could be having in impact.
    [stop typing and go to bedroom] Just went and had another 30 min session. Was able to get hard a few times (but most of the session was sort of soft/medium hardness) and stroke myself a lot. Had lots of orgasms, and could feel myself get closer to point of no return a few times, but I kept myself far enough away for it not to be a problem.
    So physically and energy/mood wise, so far the ejaculation has had minimal effect. I still clearly need to reset the counter, but will be interesting to see how next few days play out if any different.

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      03/27/2017at2:37 pm

      @shockedwaves, poor buddy! So close! Guess, it was a ruined orgasm so far. This could be the reason for why your arousal didn’t decrease. Wish you better luck next time. Got really horny by reading your report, thanks for sharing. Without testing it’s no challenge, therefore your report made me think about how I want to tickle my little friend today. Best vibes!

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