• Day 12 of 3rd attempt

    No significant changes to the way I feel over the last couple days, so just some observations of things I notice.
    Still have a really hard time getting sex off my mind, been like that a few days. When I start fantasizing about something in my head, I get really excited and get almost like a slight anxious feeling or jittery.
    Noticed during some sexual contact with partner (just playing with my cock a bit while we were cuddling on sofa) that my physical response to arousal was a bit different. I had a really strong erection at first, but it went down more quickly than usual and I was soft the rest of the time (usually I stay hard). Still felt good though, and didn’t have any orgasmic contractions, but had lots of orgasmic sensations and feelings. Thought I’d have strong orgasms and stronger erections that lasted longer the more I got into the semen retention. I noticed last night, and a solo session day before, that my cock wasn’t as hard as normal and had more periods of just being soft (but still aroused).
    Sometimes when I pee, I notice there is some semen at the tip of my urethra after I pee… if I touch it, it’s clearly more thick and stringy than just pee. So leaking a bit I guess.
    I have I stronger desire for other parts of my body to be touched, not just my cock.

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