• Day 11 of 4th attempt

    Have felt pretty consistent for the last few days.
    Good mood, a little bit more outgoing, less anxious. Haven’t generally felt horny at all this week, except if I am intentionally trying to get horny. For example, wasn’t really in the mood for a session last night but had some time to myself in the evening. So I set things up and did have a session, after a minute or two I’m totally into it and really enjoying it. But I also find it really easy to stop and then the sexual energy goes down pretty fast. If I start up again, it comes back pretty fast.
    Actually a good thing I think.
    Also finding it a lot easier to not reach the point of no return. I got a little closer to it than I usually have in my other attempts at the 21 day challenge, and took a few more risks (eg. stroking harder and faster while orgasming and feeling close). But it was easy to relax and be aware of where I was. When I was close, it was easy to slow down and back away from it.
    I’m finding that stopping suddenly is almost as worse as speeding up and going harder in that it can make you cum unexpectidly. If I’m close, I’m finding it way better to just slow down a bit, relax, keep orgasming, and the feeling will pass.

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