• Day 11 of 3rd attempt

    Woke up this morning and feel pretty confident, bit more energetic. Easily turned on, was hard to ignore my morning erection – but I did and got myself to the gym and work.
    Last night was having a session with Aneros Eupho, Pro Jr, and Pro Ice (in that order). I think I was just a bit tired. After being horny all day and having sex on my mind almost constantly yesterday, I thought I’d have an amazing session with amazing orgasms. I had some good orgasms, but wasn’t feeling orgasmic for more than about 20-30 min at a time (and did that twice, with about a two hour break in between those two sessions). Stroking my cock really helped with arousal when nothing was happening and was able to enjoy some really long orgasms (longer than normal in duration, but not as intense as I usually get). It was really nice though. Felt very much in control. Able to stroke my cock and orgasm without feeling like I was too close to PONR and didn’t have any close calls.
    Today I feel horny again and sex on my mind. But I also feel in control. If I actually try to focus on something else – I can. It’s just hard to because I like thinking about sex 🙂

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