• Day 10 of 5th attempt

    The last 10 days have been pretty uneventful. I can’t say I feel significantly different anywhere along the way from Day 0 of this attempt to today, Day 10.
    Last night (Tuesday night) had a good session for about 90 min by myself. I was using the Venus 2000 machine again, but since it seems to overstimulate me (2 of my 4 failed attempts were because of that machine!), I tried using it wearing a condom. That worked great. I could let it stroke me for about 10x more without the need to cum. I kept stopping it around an 8/10 or 9/10 to the point of no return. What was interesting in this session was I think I learned a few things about my body and ejaculating:
    1 – my head is extremely sensitive. when I focus stimulation on it, the urge to ejaculate comes very fast. wearing a condom really helps.
    2 – the feeling of suction or holding a pull on my cock triggers the ejaculation reflex VERY EASILY. for example, I could stop the machine and leave my cock sucked into the receiver. i would relax and the feeling of needing to ejaculate would be very far away. but as I try to pull the machine off my cock, which increases suction to keep it on, the urge to ejaculate increased VERY QUICKLY. i actually couldn’t pull it off my cock like that. i was like as i started to pull, the reflex to ejaculate increased a proportionate amount. if I pulled all the way, i would have blown.
    It sort of surprises me that the reflex is so easily triggered with this machine. I think it might be partly because of the semen retention. I usually have amazing control, and can last hours in bed. But I’ve never been able to go more than 6 or 7 strokes in this machine without turning it off to rest, wait a minute, then do another 2 or maybe 3 strokes. I see guys online going several minutes at like 60+ strokes per minute sometimes, so I’m surprised I just don’t have that level of stamina with this. It seems to be triggering the ejaculation reflex easily, but not triggering orgasms. I actually have more and better orgasms hands free without it, using a prostate toy.

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