• Day 10 of 3rd attempt

    It’s probably been a few years since I went this long without ejaculating, and the first time able to have MMO sessions I’ve not ejaculated this long (was re wired about 1.5 years ago).
    Noticed yesterday that I generally just felt like I was in a better mood, and a little bit more energetic during the day. I didn’t feel especially horny or frustrated during the day, but also felt like I could turn myself on easily with thoughts or light touch. I had sex with my partner for about 90 minutes, initially when we started I didn’t get an erection right away, but then after a few minutes I was really hard and really turned on. I was having good orgasms from him stroking me and oral sex, but they seemed like it maybe took a little bit more pleasure to “get there” to an orgasm. I actually thought that was a good thing, because when the orgasm did happen it felt a little stronger (like more pressure had built up and was being released). I also didn’t have a toy in – often I do because 1 – it just feels good and makes orgasms easier to have and 2 – I thought the pressure against my prostate during an orgasm made it harder to ejaculate so felt safer.
    Anyways, I was feeling in control and far enough away from the ejaculation reflex that I decided to go A-less for the whole time. We fucked for about 45-60 minutes, and I didn’t have any close calls. Had some really good orgasms though, one that lasted about 2 minutes which was amazing. I felt pretty happy being at that 80-90% level and not too afraid of going to far to like 99% where I could easily trigger the ejaculation reflex. I was really horny, really hard, but after he ejaculated I just pulled out and we stopped. The energy and horniness declined pretty easily – within about 5-10 min i was soft and not feeling frustrated like I missed out on something.
    It was a lot easier not to cum during sex than it usually is. I would have thought after 10 days of not ejaculating I’d be too close too soon, but that wasn’t the case. Sort of counter intuitive. Not sure if just a fluke. The 21daychallenge.com videos say around this time it gets easier not to ejaculate, but don’t get too greedy going right up to the PONR.
    Also surprised I have no blue balls. In the past, having sex for 90 min and not ejaculating and just stopping in the heat of it like that with energy so high and so aroused, I’d have blue balls. So happy about that too!


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      03/07/2017at11:04 pm

      I was in Day 7 today but developed an intense case of blue balls. I used the online edging “game” and almost immediately started out with a “ruined orgasm” immediately followed by a normal ejaculation with lots of cum. I felt better immediately and then much better about 3 hours later. Back to Day 1.

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      03/08/2017at12:25 am

      The ruined orgasm is how my 1st and 2nd attempts ended. But haven’t got there yet on this 3rd attempt. I’m now at the 10 day mark. No blue balls yet either, but today the horniness has been really really strong. Almost too much. So a little concerned about that since it’s making me a bit anxious and harder to think of other things other than sex. But it’s really the first day in 10 days where i’ve been that horny. So maybe just a one off.

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