• Day 1 of 5th attempt

    Had a slow long, but not very intense ejaculation yesterday after 13 days. It just drippled out of me with not much force, weak contractions. I was trying to relax instead of tense up to stop the ejaculation.
    Anyways – still feeling very different today than the other failed attempts. After the other failed attempts, I wasn’t all that horny or aroused for a few days after and felt a pretty good drop in energy. I feel pretty much the same today, and am actually hornier than I have been in probably a month. It’s not like I’m walking around with a hard on or anything (maybe I do feel a bit less pressure down around my groin area). But mentally, very aroused and horny.
    I’m thinking of giving up the challenge. My 3rd and 4th attempt made it to 16 days and 13 days respectively. So basically a month now of ejaculating every 2 weeks aprox. So maybe that explains why I still seem to have so much energy today? It’s been building up over weeks, and it takes more than a single runied orgasm / weak ejaculation to deplete it.
    This might be my final attempt. Going to try to avoid masturbating too much, and just be more careful during sex (although it was yesterday by myself that got me into trouble with having my dick in a masturbator, Venus 2000).


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      03/27/2017at7:46 pm

      @shockedwaves, do you think it has been an orgasm at all? Or has it only been a cum release? Perhaps you still remain in your fourth attempt?
      I’d like to suggest to read over this discourse about “cumming is a buzz kill. All the best!

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      03/27/2017at9:38 pm

      @shockedwaves If memory serves me right, I tried 4 times before I achieved the 21-day challenge. I made it to 26 days. I find lately while in male chastity (SR by definition), I do better when I completely refrain from edging or any kind of masturbation. If I do, I will almost always get the dreaded “blue balls” and that is a show-stopper for me, thus ending the SR challenge. I am currently in Day 9 and feel that I could easily go another 9 days. If my wife gets me too aroused though, that is usually the end and I will need to ejaculate. Put that in your pipe!

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      03/28/2017at9:37 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros – I think it was mostly just a cum release. Well, hard to say. I felt a tightening of the muscles around the base of my spine and in the other failed attempts, I tried to contract and pinch it off. That worked a bit, cause I didn’t ejaculate. and did stop the contractions (or just turned it into a very long held contraction). But physically, things were done! This time, out of nowhere that tigtening happened again and instead of trying to pinch it off, I tried to just relax. As the muscles got tight, i really tried to just relax, but the contractions were enough to push the cum out of me. I’ll ready that link, thanks!
      @goldenboy – I haven’t had any issue with blue balls since the 1st attempt. But my sessions are long enough, and with an Aneros in mostly, that I think I leak enough pre cum for it not to be a problem.

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