• Day 1 of 2nd attempt

    Today is Feb 22. Day 1 of my 2nd attempt at Semen Retention.
    Previous attempts:
    1st – 8 days (ended on Feb 21 with accidental ejaculation during edging)
    So how did I screw up? Carelessness. I got a new sex toy, but it’s a masturbator/stroker. So I was pretty excited to be using it. Never had anything like that before (uses air pressure to move a cylinder/sleeve up and down your cock at varying speeds). First 2 hour session earlier in afternoon was good. Had a few close calls, but had very good control and successful at stopping the ejaculation. Took a break and had another evening session. At the end of that (about another 2 hours), I just got careless. I felt like I was able to increase stimulation to my cock more and still be under control, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing. It was stroking me pretty quick, and the ejaculation reflex came way too fast. I stopped everything, and kept my muscles tense to stop the ejaculation. Nothing actually came out, but i had to hold that tension for a minute and there were some contractions I think. Too much, cause all the sexual energy was gone, and today I feel like it’s empty. All gone.
    So on day 1.
    I had so much energy yesterday, and felt so easily turned on. Today I’m not interested in sex at all. Maybe even more than a typical ejaculation before I started the challenge. I think the contrast from Day 8 to Day 1 is very large. So going to try this again, and pick myself up and carry on.
    I think the lesson I learned – really when edging, if you start getting to the point of no return, it might be time to really slow down and stop. I got caught up in the moment, and while I didn’t intentionally jerk off, the semen retention goal got pushed to the side a bit and I took unnecessary risks.


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      02/22/2017at11:08 pm

      @shockedwaves I have been in “permanent” SR for a few months now. I have transitioned to male chastity and it feels more natural all the time now. While in SR, you need to be careful with mechanical stimulation. When I want to edge now, I use ‘pleaseedgeme.com’ and it works very well. I know how close I can get to the PONR. It is closer than you may think. In terns of %, I would say 90% is enough for me. I can also gauge my response by the amount of precum I produce during an edging session. As you have discovered, there can be quite a physical (and mental) let-down after an ejaculation. When with my wife, I actually will refrain from cumming for this reason! Good luck!

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      02/23/2017at4:59 pm

      Thanks for the tip goldenboy, much appreciated. if you mean the edgemeplease.com site, I’ve used that before. I don’t think that will help me not cum since the point of the game is to get as close to the edge as you can without cumming, which i already to on my own. But it’s fun.
      In general, I have great control and know when I’m too close and when to stop. Even those times I get too close, I have really strong muscles from Aneros sessions, so do a pretty good job stopping anything that is just about to start. I failed on Day 8 because I was careless and took too many risks during the edging session.

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