• Dark Side of the Moon

    No, I'm not trying to speak euphemistically with the title of this entry. I *really* am talking about the Pink Floyd album from 1973. It's one of my favorites and I currently have it in the alarm clock/cd player by my bed. I play the first few minutes as an initial alarm setting then have the beeper turn on 15 or 20 minutes into it to give me a chance at a gradual wakeup.
    I tried one time to play music on this alarm clock during a session, but something unexpected was an obstacle for me. It wasn't that the music or words themselves were a distraction. It was the lack of words or music at times. Here's what I mean: I started to lapse consciously because of the effect from pleasure on my mind. I started hearing gaps in the words and music that I knew so well )I'm still talking about Dark Side of the Moon btw(. I'm used to the music fitting like an old glove and knowing what to expect at each turn. Now my focus was being pulled toward this deviations from the norm. I just decided to turn off the music to stay focused on the session.
    The last couple mornings have been new experiences for me. I actually woke up before my alarm yesterday with a "morning wood" and had a nice mini O / dry O. It only seemed natural. Today I set my alarm a little later because it was a Saturday and still didn't get up until the alarm went off. "Get up" isn't really accurate though. I spent most of the morning in bed "exploring".
    I started off this morning with another erection as I awoke and then worked up to a pretty nice dry O still in my clothes. After a while I tried to give Dark Side of the Moon another try and listened for a while, but it was still sort of a distraction. There wasn't as much in the way of gaps/lapses since I didn't have my MGX or Helix in to get my mind churning. It was just background noise this time for the most part.
    There weren't any really big highlights from this session. I only used the larger of the 2 Peridises if I had anything in at all. It was just a light pleasure Saturday morning with nothing to do. A few dry O's sprinkled in for good measure.

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