• current findings & updates

    Latest updates. Some findings, things I’m going to do different, kind of long.

    Got helix all polished up, ultra shiny and as smooth as progasm jr. Going to do a little more to see if I can get that deep glass look, almost there. Joining is so much easier, glides in so smoothly and takes hardly any lube unlike before. I have also changed over to using just straight silicone lube, ‘wet anal’. Only takes .3cc prelube and a drop on the tool spread out to go all night, plus because of the molecular make up it is not absorbed into the skin, molecules are much larger than water based lubes so no drying out or having to reapply on those long sessions. A side benefit is it makes the skin feel smooth and supple even after cleanup.

    I think I am starting to get a feel for my rhythm. Whether pre ejac release or full on refractory ejac I have an every other day cycle, ie day 1 nothing, day 2 things start to get moving, day 3 slightly more than nothing but not much, day 4 really picking up, day 5 caries on from day before. day 6 ok but not great, day 7 getting better but seems to plateau but duds seem fewer but not great. So based on these findings and my previous experiment I was going to start doing light pressure releasing, just enough to keep things flowing.

    On 1/1 I did a single shot pressure release pre ponr. every session was a basic dud after that, good sensations but no orgasms. Seems a quick light release is worse than just emptying out for me.

    I guess I need to rethink my process. So in knowing this I decided to go for broke. On 1/7 I joined w/ mgx and did some edging than built it up and let it blow continuing to stroke past ejac to keep the cum flowing till I was empty, felt really good, mgx pulsing in out with each shot. Haven’t had that much cum in decades. A good 3x as much. This should put Friday & Saturday as the hot days but not forgetting day 2.

    Tuesday 1/8 I knew it was going to be an off day so I decided to work w/ the peridise. I also decided to start wearing my cock ring full time again as I have been finding my arousal to be waning, I also have been finding not much in the way of morning wood either since I stopped.
    I got lots of involuntary & interesting tickling with the peridise.
    On Wednesday 1/9 started off w/ peridise for a few hours than joined w/ helix in the shower. took a bit of time but things did start up. was given a few quick low level orgasms. Every time I would start to just doze off I would be wracked with a goodly orgasm for several minutes. I recall at least 3 before I just went to sleep.
    Thursday 1/10 I spent a few hours working the peridise finding and holding the required contraction needed to allow it to bounce around till I just couldn’t get any more movement going than things started to change. My butt cheeks started to tingle, almost like the tingle preceding a prostate orgasm just not going further. Around 9 dismounted and cleaned up. Did some deep tissue massage of my prostate and got some nice low grade orgasmic sensations.
    Friday 1/11, back w/ peridise. The butt cheeks started to tingle very early on, some nice tickling inside but walking is the best, getting pleasant shocks going up my canal & cock. dismounted around 9. took my shower at 10 and joined w/ helix. Tonight was different, instead of orgasms I was given these constant pulses. My whole body was just this giant pulse from the time I laid down to the time I went to sleep. Woke several times to this pulsing. Are these ‘p-waves’?? They felt good, but not what I’m used to. Perhaps my body is playing catch up since I started with none of these but orgasms first or perhaps it was because I had my cock ring on and it was pulling on my sack, something I had not done previously.
    Slipped helix back in about 1 on Saturday 1/12 as wife wanted to go to the mall to get some things. (When joined w/ helix before and walking around feels sublime, her head dancing side to side over my prostate, making it swell so much and tickling so good, just no walking orgasms yet) I wanted to go for a long walk where I could really place some mental feeling time if you will, to try to really hone in on every move, shift, bounce.
    So several hours later still have not left yet but sitting on the couch and my waist, cock and part of my upper thighs are just tingling away, sometimes getting a few of those pulses like last night, feels awesome. Walking around feeling helix rubbing over me and sliding in/out gives these wonderful feelings, makes me get super chubby, feeling like I’m a teenager getting a spontaneous hard on, only difference is I welcome it now instead of getting embarrassed or subconscious of it. I want to show it off.
    Well never did go walk around as she decided she wanted to just go home as what was wanted was not available at the store. released my embrace with helix as it had been 4 hours of some good feelings but want to make sure I save some for later, going to meet up with Jr for some fun in bed as it’s been quite some time since his last visit.
    Joined up with Jr before bed, been a long time. Nestled in and disappeared. Started on left side, nothing after about 30 min. rolled over to my right side, again, nothing after about 30 min. so I decided to dose off. moments later pulsing and orgasm to follow. This guy really doesn’t like to be thought about. a few minutes after the orgasm passed I could feel something in my canal, I thought jr was trying to leave but when I reached around he was still firmly latched in place so I just rested my finger in the base to see if the feeling would return. Sure enough a few minutes late it was back and an orgasm swelled to follow, delicious feelings, Tingling, buzzing & what ever my ass was doing around jr. As this one was starting to wane I could feel my prostate starting to swell like a balloon as jr was being pushed towards my spine and another orgasm started. This one was just as sublime and cooled down putting me to sleep.
    Woke several times from deep sleep with a super hard cock. slowly stroked the shaft and fondled the twins a bit before going back to sleep. got up around 8:30 and found jr didn’t want to leave the warmth embracing him, He was not stuck as I could spin him freely, just didn’t want out so rather than try to force it I left him be. about 30 minutes later I could feel him starting to get moving so I tried again, came out nicely but now I felt empty….
    Sunday 1/13 afternoon she went to take a nap so I joined w/ mgx for something different. Spent about 1 hour working with her and slowly edging, just enough to get that penile tingle going trying to get it to drop into my prostate like I had happen before. No such luck, what I got instead was a screaming case of blue balls, worst one ever and I have only had it happen 3 times that I can recall, even doing a testicle massage didn’t help this time. Released mgx to remove all sexual stimulation and ride this out, fuck this aches bad. did some more light massage and started to get some relief. Oh well that’s the price I pay for intense cock play w/out cumming.
    Sunday night blue balls have dissipated so I decided to meetup w/ jr again before having to get back to the grind stone. once in bed and comfy on my left side as soon as I relaxed and released tension I started into an orgasm. I kept my head under the covers so I have no idea how long it lasted but the next thing I herd was the alarm at 6:30. Damn good night, to bad it had to be put away for work.

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