• crazy ride

    On friday, 14.1 I had an incredible ride with my mgx trident and I still wonder what I have experienced.
    This is what happened:
    I was lying on my back with my feet on the bed. I listened to a binaural soundtrack to relax. After about 20 minutes I was only slightly aware of the Aneros and it gently stimulated my prostate but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I noticed my face contorting without being able to control it. First I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, starting with my right eye, moving on to my left, and when they loosened, it moved on to my mouth. The whole thing felt like a circle. It felt strange but as I was letting myself go without questioning, I did not ended it willingli. It happened a few more times which is why I had to film myself. I found it very strange but also exciting and funny at the same time. All the while, I felt the Aneros still pleasantly pressing against my prostate.
    Then, without warning, my stomach muscles tightened. I could release this tension willingly, but I just wanted to let go, so I did nothing of the sort. But I got to the point where my abdominal muscles started to hurt because the tension didn’t release. So I relaxed them. But shortly afterwards it happened again and again for longer and longer. Sometimes I could hardly catch my breath, but it felt very exciting as I was getting used to it I learned to breath through this contractions. Then, in addition to my abdominal contraction, the pelvis also started to move as if the Aneros was pushing firmly in and out of me. It felt like i was getting fucked by someone. That also felt very good. Throughout this time I kept feeling my prostate pulsating and sending out a kind of wave throughout my body (in all directions). Sometimes I noticed that for a millisecond a kind of bright spark is ignited in my prostate or penis and it felt marvelous. This state went on for 27 minutes.
    To ad more pleasure I also teased my nipples. As they are getting more sensitive since I use the aneros.
    Then, when I no longer wanted to just let go and had slight hopes that today was the day of days, my changed the position and lied on my left side with one leg up. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel so good anymore and I turned back onto my back after ten more minutes. Then I resumed my breathing technique (deep into my belly) and it all started again first strong contractions in my belly, down to my hips and suddenly the Aneros pulled deep into me and my PC muscle tightened very tight. To my astonishment, then the opposite tension occurred and my body tried to push the Aneros out again. But the Aneros didn’t move at all, even though I thought it was about to fly across the room.
    Now I felt that everything around the Aneros was slightly swollen and became very sensitive.But that also felt very pleasurable. All this happened again three or four times in short intervals and I only remember that waves of pleasure were sent through my whole body again and again.
    But they were definitely not mini orgasms. I would have known the difference. However, I am very grateful for it.
    Because the contractions were getting stronger and stronger and I was feeling that I would soon no longer be able to stand it I needed to try something out. Sometimes it helps me if I adjust the Aneros tab. I moved it slightly from the middle to the right. This felt a lot like a building up orgasm, so I moved the P-Tap very slightly from one side to the other. It felt like I was edging my prostate. A building up orgasm that never goes over the edge but gets stronger and stronger. Every time I thought I was going to come, it peaked even more. This went on for hours. Well it felt that way. When I watch the film I know now that it was for 8 minutes.
    Then the orgasm was inevitable and I had a wet orgasm. It was strong and amazing. Like no orgasm i had befor. Right after it, a second peaked up and I ejaculated a second time. The ejaculations were just after another. It might was 5 seconds in between.
    The good thing was that I kept moving the p-tap from side to side and it tickled my prostate a lot. I said to myself that I was still feeling an other orgasm and had uncontrollable fits of laughter. I have never experienced anything like that before. I felt stupid, but it was just too funny. This state went on for another 14 minuter till i could feel anoter building up orgasm. This time it went longer. Another 22minutes to e exact.
    But to finally trigger the third orgasm I had to touch my frenulum with one finger. I did not massage it but i pushed a bit against it and i ejaculated again. After that I lied on my bed very quiet and was hoping that I was not to loud form my neighbours. So much pleasure in one day. That really amazes me and was a very cool experience. Quiet spiritual and I dont want to repeat it right away. I think I need some time to think about what i have experienced. When I read again, what happened i still can feel my prostate. I really hope to be able to experience all that again.


    • Ggringo

      01/17/2022at2:22 pm

      @glowingjourney, what a great write-up! You’re certainly in pleasure land and when you think about it, it only gets better going forward. Glad to see you enjoying your journey.
      Good vibes to you!

    • Avatar for Tdman72


      07/01/2022at9:22 am

      I am interested in learning how to achieve your success and if possible to see your video. Please let me know if that works for you

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