• Crazy Night

    Had a wild night last night.
    Got in bed feeling pretty horny and started with Progasm. Felt good, nothing special. Tried a binaural file with no results and quit after about 30 minutes.
    Woke up around one am with a hard dick, so I started working it up to the ponr, then I slipped the progasm back in and enjoyed a good long ride for a while. I was thrashing and spasming with very nice sensations. When I grabbed my nips, I thought I would explode but didn’t.
    Ramped down and took it out hoping to get some sleep.
    Around three am, the whole routine repeated with the helix.
    While no SO, it was quite a night, maybe the best ever. I’ve been off aneros for four nights, but having major aless every night and sometime during the day, so I think this is good progress for me.

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