• Continuing Journey… starting to make sense

    Hit a milestone today and unfortunately had to cut the session short…
    I now understand several things…
    1( definitely mental… worrying about your porn is a huge distraction. Instead of porn, find a long tease video or webcam instead.
    2( anal quivers… the very slight pokes of electricity that come and go are NOT what is meant… although these are awesome and a sign of warming up, the quivers are slightly more subtle are are consistent.
    3( breathe into it… as you tense up, relax, breathe and let the contraction loosen. Try to hang onto the sensation – replacing your tension with a deep diaphragm breath or two
    4( be confident in the boomerang effect – review @Crimsonwolf's )THANK YOU!( forum posts – and relax with confidence that the boomerang will come back!

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