• Concentration & Abstaining

    I should probably mention again that my blog only really receives entries on new developments. Given that I'm somewhat at the end-point of my journey, it's less and less apparent that new sensations and heights come up. But hey! Great sessions nonetheless.
    Otherwise there has been a new direction I've taken on my approach to orgasms, these past few weeks; focusing on fantasising. Just admitting this brings a tinge of dirty and reclusive guilt. Still, I think all men use fantasy one way or another.
    How the gears turn for me is that I focus on a mixture of sensations and fantasy. It's a dance between the mind and body. Now, the Aneros has been out of commission for roughly a month now due to continuing issues with the ass — and will continue for at least another. In response, sensations have taken a back seat. I have been concentrating a lot more on maintaing a fantasy in the brain, without breaking focus. The side-goal here is to get a hands-free wet orgasm. )HFWO(
    It's lead to some of the most INTENSE rush of orgasms yet, though fantasising wasn't the ticket by itself. Abstaining for a few weeks from ejaculation had built up a lot of my arousal, so naturally that has to help.
    Maintaining focus is a key element. I may have done it before, but not to the extent here — should my brain keep its grasp on a fantasy, and over-indulge, this 'dull' aching sensation shoots across my body. It's the sort one gets when returning the same task over and over. The onset of boredom. Getting sick of something.
    Regardless, that happens. Neither my mind or body enjoys it. But what it does allow is reaching an arousal high, and receiving great orgasms sooner or later. The aching could been interpreted as mental exercise and stress. It's also important that I keep the abdomen as relaxed as possible.
    With that said, my abdomen muscles gets the butterflies which is important, as that's typically where my best orgasms begin. In fact, the abdomen is often the hardest place for me to get any sensations. It often acts as a sponge towards sexual energy, believe or not, and likewise blocks full-body orgasms.
    The trick is focusing on a fantasy so much that I can immerse myself — believe it's real. There's some anecdotal evidence on why this leads me to amazing orgasms: wet dreams. During this instance, I'm asleep. My muscles are all limp and relaxed, and my mind is absorbed into its own subconscious dominion. Dreams typically seem 'real' — and in the case of a sexual dream, my body clearly can't hold the goo back. The abdomen muscle is turned off, and isn't there to stop pleasure-waves going bananas over my whole body and mind. There's a distinct feeling that the point-of-no-return )PONR( approaches. )Interestingly, I do have some control in my sleep over whether to stop it happening these days(
    The other evidence: previous sessions that broke new, personal ground, which are typically blogged on here.
    How this usually goes is that I confidently write out what MUST be the answer to why X, Y and Z occurs. Then a few days later I'm wrong. It was simply a case of the stars aligning that night.
    What has been a similar occurrence between all of them is that I'm completely absorbed into the experience — my mind doesn't break out of the flow. It can also reach a point where I start muttering some weird cooky shit, which pushes me right over the edge. Bear in mind that 'Cause' and 'Effect' get mixed up here. Those great sessions weren't often influenced by me. Again, stars aligning.
    But I can encourage it by maintaing focus, and bearing with the dull aches.

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