• Coming up on three years with Aneros!

    Hi guys,
    Next month on June 3, I celebrate three years working with Aneros!
    While I have yet to experience a Super-O, I am proud to say that now I seldom have a session that is an outright dud. Most every session is different and has something new to teach me. Every session is "fresh each morning," in most cases laden with pleasure, and after each session [with a few very exceptions] Aless kicks in, an afterglow which lasts for hours, even days if I do not have a session.
    Aneros benefits after three years of Aneros usage:
    1. Aneros has gotten me in touch with my body in ways unimaginable because I seldom over the course of my life have had sexual encounters with other guys [I am gay]. I have never been in an intimate, committed relationship with anyone, male or female. Now at age 66, I am truly a confirmed bachelor. Yet, Aneros allows me to celebrate my sexuality all my own.
    2. Aneros continues to teach me the subtleties of my body, psyche, and manhood that give me great happiness n my "retirement".
    3. The states of pleasure that I experience in my Aneros and in Aless are varied, manifold, and subtle that can prepare me to be a caring and capable lover to any man that may come into my life even in my old age. It is still possible.
    4. Aneros has taught me the subtleties of breathing and touch. That in itself has unlocked my body for self-enjoyment and has enabled me to appreciate what goes on in sexual relationships and encounters to a greater extent than ever before.
    5. Aneros has given me a spring in my walk, even after just months into my Aneros journey in August 2012.
    6. Aneros has given me a more forceful stream when I urinate. That is a definite plus.
    7. When I Kegel now, it is not as forced as it was initially. A gentle anal contraction is just enough to throw me into Aless. Indeed breathing and Kegel go hand-in-hand now. Both are gentle and occur naturally.
    8. I am gradually learning to control and vary the intensities of my Aless. This I am trying to do also in my Aneros sessions. A thought occurred to me last night as falling asleep with my Nutty Buddy Cup is that many guys, both young and mature, enjoy masturbatory "edging" or riding or surfing the "edge" or "threshold" of ejaculatory inevitability. I certainly could do this in Aless and my Aneros sessions. This type of edging may lead me to experiencing the Super-O or even MMO's.
    9. Finally there is something to learn in one's Aneros journey, a journey that leads abundance benefits and fulfillment.
    Take care!

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