• Coming back after almost 4 years

    For a whole multitude of reasons I hadn’t used my aneros toys for almost 4 years. However, a little while ago I finally delved in to the depths of my wardrobe and freed them from their boxes. I prepped myself, had a shower and turned up the heating so I was nice and cosy. In front of me were my helix, eupho and progasm. I opted for the helix since it’s been a while, and got myself nice and relaxed before inserting. And after an hour… nothing. The feeling of having it inserted was nice, but there were no pleasurable feelings anywhere else, no buzz, no excitement.

    I tried it again the next day. More of the same (nothing!) I remembered having trouble with it before, so did a bit of research and wondered if it was too small for me, or if it didn’t quite ‘fit’ right. The best feelings used to come from my progasm but it was looking a little intimidating after such a long time away. So I hopped online and bought a Progasm Jr. Best. Decision. Ever.

    As soon as I got it I was incredibly excited. I’d already prepped myself and my room before it arrived in the post, I tore open the package, gave it a good clean and jumped in to bed. This toy is beautiful, black, shiny and elegant, in my opinion it’s much more attractive than any other Aneros toys I’ve had. Any of the prostate toys in fact.

    I inserted the Progasm Jr and my body hungrily sucked it in to place. Already I could tell this was very different to the helix and it seemed like the tip was resting nicely on my prostate. I was SO excited but managed to relax myself, regulated my breathing and managed my expectations.

    After 5 or 10 minutes of deep breathing I had that familiar ‘buzz’ feeling, it was like gentle electricity all over my abdomen. I began to introduce contractions with my breathing and it immediately took the pleasure up a notch. Actually that’s a slight understatement and it probably increased by 5 or 6 notches. With every deep breath in I contracted my muscles and pulled in the Progasm Jr and held the contraction until I breathed out. After around 10 contractions the muscles began to get twitchy, and I began to feel a warm sensation in my anus, every time I contracted my muscles would twitch and pull the toy in even further, when I relaxed it would continue to twitch, rhythmically pulling the toy in and out of me until I next contracted.

    Eventually I just relaxed and stopped the contractions to see what would happen if I left my body to its own devices. The involuntary became even more rhythmic, I can’t remember how the contractions went but it wasn’t just a simple ‘in and out’ any more, the toy was being held for a bit, and then released, and there were other muscles contracting too. All the while the pleasure was building.

    Every couple of minutes a warm pleasure would start deep in my abdomen and travel upwards and outwards, it was a gentle feeling but a very enjoyable one. This stopped after a while and I assumed that my body had decided my session was over after the contractions stopped also. But I laid down and focused on my breathing again, started the contractions again myself and this time things felt even greater. I’m reluctant to say ‘better than ever’ because its hard to remember what it was like 5 or 6 years ago!

    I had a very strong pleasurable feeling travel up my anus, it felt like it was travelling up under the Progasm Jr every time I relaxed myself after a contraction. I felt my prostate throb and it seemed like it was getting bigger and bigger – a soft orgasmic feeling was growing inside me at the same time. I wasn’t sure what this was and didn’t want to think too hard, I just let things happen. The soft spongey orgasmic feeling got steadily bigger until it was all the way across my pelvis and hips, originating from my prostate. My body sucked in the massager and the feeling spread out even more, down my thighs and up to my chest. I hadn’t realised but I’d stopped breathing and tensed my body, so took a deep breath and relaxed my muscles. This just made the feeling even stronger than it already was – I was in heaven!!

    The feeling subsided and my body was trembling very lightly, very similar to shivering. I laid there for another little while and began to feel the same sensations. Soft, spongey orgasmic feeling swelling out from my prostate, travelling through my body. This time it was a little different as the feeling spread an awful lot slower, and didn’t go down my legs. It stayed in my pelvic region and stomach area.

    This feeling was then joined by a different sensation in my anus, my progasm jr began making tiny movements in and out of me, and my cock began to get hard. I hadn’t had any sensation in my cock yet so didn’t pay too much attention until this feeling I had in my prostate began to travel up my cock. It felt like an orgasm, but more subtle. Maybe the feeling mid-way through sex or masturbation is the best way to describe it. My hands and legs were now shaking rather a lot, my anus and my cock were both twitching and pulsing and I felt so incredibly relaxed. I was enjoying this an incredible amount. So much pleasure!

    This feeling came and went a few times and after a little while I was exhausted and decided to stop playing so I could nap. I was extremely satisfied and felt amazing. I can’t wait until I can play again. It’s all starting to come back to me!

    Next time I’ll incorporate some nipple play

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