• Coming back after 5 years

    Coming back to the Aneros after 5 long years away, the reason for the absence was being in a relationship. Massively missed my collection of massagers that I threw away at some point during the relationship and told my girlfriend about them… she said I could buy them back! Starting with the Helix Syn for the time being, it feels so much nicer than the old plastic ones I’m used to.

    I’ve been having a session almost every morning since it arrived. Generally lasting 3 hours and in one case a whole 5 hours. It felt like starting from scratch a little but my body soon remembered what to do. My first session was great, lots of lovely feelings and very calm waves of pleasure flowing through me. I feel like my sessions are completely different to how they used to be, maybe it’s just hard to remember the feelings properly but I think the feelings are more intense and more focussed.

    This morning I had my best session with the Helix Syn, the tickling sensation and p-waves started pretty much straight away, lots of fairly intense feelings coming from my prostate and anal canal. The past two sessions have involved my legs shaking, I try to change position or relax but they just won’t stop and I find it distracting. Today I did my best to just ignore them, the shaking got higher up my body, first it was the thighs and then my buttocks that were shaking, and then it was my pelvis/hips as well as my buttocks. It was constant apart from a couple of occasions when it stopped suddenly, and each time I had fairly strong feelings of pleasure coursing through me for a few seconds before the trembling started again. Usually the trembling doesn’t produce any nice feelings whilst it’s happening but as it got higher up my body there was definitely a small amount of pleasure when it reached my buttocks, maybe it was adding extra stimulation to my prostate.

    After 5-10 minutes of buttock shaking my hips were sort of launched towards the sky involuntary and the muscles in my stomach, legs, arms and chest contracted and held for a little while, when they released my body started shaking quite violently, hips thrusting very fast, heart beating out of my chest, panting for air, eyes rolling back in to my head and my ass felt like it was holding on to the helix for dear life, such a strong contraction. All of a sudden my involuntry PC contractions were like nothing I’ve ever had and the only way I can describe it is that it was like a belly dancer, just rolling quite quickly and smoothly and it felt like I was being fucked. Aside from my prostate there wasn’t a great deal of pleasure involved, but it did feel like a bit of a step forward so I was happy to just let my body thrash around for a little while. When the thrashing stopped I was so calm and relaxed I think I was smiling, the pleasure returned almost straight away and then more thrashing happened. This repeated itself another 2-3 times and was like changing the radio from classical piano to heavy metal and back every 10 minutes.

    Very happy with my progress, I am absolutely loving my sessions at the minute.

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