• Cold is hot! Cold water can be such a turn on. Meanwhile it belongs to my morning routine.

    Hey guys, don’t miss to experience how hot cold water can be. Since I continued my Qi Gong morning routine in spite of that cold breeze from the open window coming with the end of summer, ending it with a rock-hard boner, I tried some wetting of my nipples using the coldest water I could get from the faucet. Touching my nipples with my cold fingers was another big turn-on. So I tried putting my wet hand on my chest and finally I had the idea to wrap my erect penis into a washcloth drenched in cold water. Phew! You should give that idea a try. Cold IS hot!


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      10/01/2017at2:22 pm

      Thanks for sharing @SOwithoutAneros! This forum (and blog section) is always full of new ideas to improve male sexuality experiences. I love it!
      More members should share.

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      10/01/2017at5:24 pm

      Thanks for your nice comment, GGringo, I only can encourage everyone to share his thoughts, too.

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