• Classic MGX ride

    Hi guys,

    This morning just after sunrise, I had very pleasant ride with an old favorite, MGX Classic, which lasted nearly 30 minutes. We have a long holiday weekend ahead of us with the apartment rental office closed until Monday morning with other staff enjoying this office as well.

    It was so good to have an Aneros ride uninterrupted by apartment staff activity. I was prepped or ‘horned’ for this session by an erotic night of nipple diddling.

    I decided to follow the routine outlined for Aneros Directions of Use of at least thirty gentle anal clutches. As a veteran Aneros user, these were second-nature to me. The anal clutches were so natural too.

    It is now mid afternoon as I write this blog entry. I am suffused with sweet Aless. It is a hot day here in DC with temps in the mid 90’s.

    Take care!


    • simplepenguin

      07/03/2020at7:56 pm

      very nice reading your blog, thank you!

    • Avatar for evergreen


      07/09/2020at4:25 pm

      My MGX trident is in the mail,looking forward to it.A new model always produces new sensations.

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