• Christmas Eve…with the family…

    Well the wife is travelling for the holidays so it’s just myself and the dog at home. I dropped her off to the airport…gave her the most loving I could in public and went to get some lunch. While eating I then realized…I’m all by my lonesome for an entire week?

    My prostate began a familiar hum…

    I dashed home…got comfortable and just laid on the couch and started some aless. I quickly got up to a Super-O level of pleasure and decided lets try something new. The one toy I have been unsuccessful with is the Tempo. I’ve only used it once…so I decided to give it a shot. I lubed it up and it basically disappeared in my ass.

    And for 15 mins…nothing. I quickly took that out and moved on to the Eupho Trident. Oh this little dynamo. The minute I slid it in it nuzzled right next to my prostate and announced its arrival with a little nudge that sent a shiver up my spine. Within 5 mins I was gripping the couch cushions in pure ecstasy. The Eupho Trident has quickly become my favorite Aneros toy. It’s absolutely relentless and it gives me massive Super-Os that leave me in complete stupor and I’ve only had it a month. One of the super-Os was so intense I felt like I nearly wanted to split into two. After what felt like 4 super-Os back to back with very little down time I decided to switch…

    To the Helix Syn…I actually haven’t used it in a while and I just wanted to see if it still felt good. Almost immediately as I stuck it in my prostate began to dance with it as if it hadn’t seen a good friend in a long time. As of late the time period to reach Super-Os has decreased dramatically and as of the last two sessions it is starting to feel like one big orgasm with peaks and plateaus. The peaks are the super-Os but when I plateau it still feels orgasmic and pleasurable.

    After the Helix Syn I full intended to slide the progasm ice in and have a traditional orgasm with it aggressively mashing into my prostate. Well the progasm ice had different ideas and boy when this thing moves…it really gives a massive amount of pleasure…Not as much as the eupho but it feels way more bullish about what it dishes out. This Super-O was really deep and I could feel the toy just digging deeper and effectively pushing more and more on my prostate. I would tense up and kind of push it away…only for it to come back ever so gently but with its mass still with aggression. I started to leak a drop of precum. I pulled it out….decided to edge and then I put my penis away. This session ultimately bled into the Christmas Aless session I will talk about later 🙂

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