• Chat session explosion

    [16:21:10] bsmith14: getting some nice p-waves right now
    [16:22:20] twlltin: Ah. I never chat whilst inserted. One reason is that my Aneroses are both "entire", so sitting on them is not an option.
    [16:22:35] twlltin: The other is that I'd find it too distracting.
    [16:22:56] bsmith14: I don't have anything inserted, just watching football pre game
    [16:23:11] twlltin: Oh right.
    [16:28:35] twlltin: There are nice tickles and fizzings "down there" for me too at the moment.
    [16:29:51] twlltin: Your comment made me notice them.
    [16:30:02] bsmith14: nice
    [17:07:16] twlltin: THAT WAS BLOODY WEIRD
    [17:07:39] twlltin: Just sitting there, enjoying the fizzings.
    [17:07:46] twlltin: I put my feet up
    [17:07:48] twlltin: Relaxed.
    [17:07:57] twlltin: And had a chain of mini-Os.
    [17:08:22] twlltin: Then the shakes in arms and face twitches. then abs cramps.
    [17:08:48] twlltin: Finishing with tingling all over the skin, and the feeling of very very fine muscle contractions (flutterings) everywhere.

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      09/12/2011at2:05 pm

      Excellent twlltin. Not surprised you might get some energies effects chatting like this. Notice you were last night (Sunday evening) in the chat room, where there was a strong common ground of energies happening. Congratulations!!

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