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    Just over a week ago, I decided to change to the Vice that I purchased about month ago. At first, I didn’t like the Vice much, the vibrations were a distraction, but because I enjoy sitting at my computer with an Aneros inserted, the Vice (without the vibrator inserted) is the perfect partner As it doesn’t have those stick-up bits that can hurt. So I inserted it whilst doing my Tax on the computer, and WoW, I started having mino O right there. I would have to stop work and just enjoy the waves of pleasure flowing through me. It is easier, whilst seated, to move the Vice inside me, to stimulate the prostate.
    On the Monday, I was travelling for business and decided to take my new found friend (Vice) with me. I enjoyed a week of imence pleasure every night with MMO after MMO, 4, 5, or 6 MMO’s. These were all less intense than the SuperO i had recently, but none the less, very enjoyable.
    The place where I stayed had a swimming pool and I wondered what it would be like to swin with the Vice inserted. I thought about the hygene aspect, for other people who would also be using the pool. But the Aneros would seal the anus, preventing anything from coming out, so I inserted it, using a gel lubricant and went down to pool.
    Its a funny feeling walking around the hotel (in public) with an Aneros inside you. You are feeling amazing sensations as you walk and people have no idea. I approached the outside pool area. It was very late afternoon and not many people were using the pool. I sat down at a table near the pool and became climatised to the warm weather. After about 10 minutes, I decided to enter the water. (I was wearing board shorts so nothing was revealed). I walked down the steps and into the surprisingly warm water. So far so good! The Aneros Vice was comfortably inserted and felt quite nice. I did some slow breast-stoke swimming around the pool before floating near the steps where I had entered. I lay semi floating on my back, supported by the steps. There was a slight movement of water pushing small waves against me, the water was warm and my legs were lfloating free. Next thing, I feel an MMO coming on, my penis became very erect, and the Aneros was pushing hard against my Prostate and this wonderfull (dry) Orgasm filled me with pleasure. It lasted perhaps 30 seconds as I lay relaxed on the steps. Very soon afterwards, I could feel another one start, and again I was breathing heavy and enjoying contractions and another amazing orgasm. I hope my face didn’t reveal to anyone watching, what I was experiencing.
    After about 10 minutes, my Penis was flacid enough for me to get out of the pool and dry off before going back to my room.

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      10/01/2016at1:42 pm

      @OMGBO what a great blog! It is rare to read about Aneros adventures outside of the bedroom, more specificlly in public areas. Reading your blog makes me prostate horny. I wished I was introduced to the Aneros world while I was working and travelling on business. It would have made my trips a lot more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

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