• Change and Transformation in my Aneros sessions

    Hi guys,
    Yesterday morning, guys, I experimented with positions and experienced some really awesome new Aneros sensations.
    For as a preliminary word of explanation, in the Peridise Full Set, there are four Peridise models labeled from left to right: P1, P2, P3, and P4. They are equal length but P1 has the largest head. P1 is the suggested model for Peridise beginners. In my sessions since Thanksgiving I have been using P1 and P2.
    To be brief, I experimented sitting with some of my models inserted while at my PC. The Peridise models, the Tempo, and Progasm Junior are ideal for this. I came away from my new position with some amazing sensations.
    Then I laid on my side with my models inserted. Laying on your side while Anerosing is preferred by most guys. I experienced some amazing involuntaries with Eupho Syn. This is a position I must pursue in coming sessions.
    However, we had another absolutely dark, gloomy, and rainy day. It is the foul weather we have had too much here this winter. The weather put a real damper in my session yesterday.
    So for now on, I will limit myself to two or three models in sessions. I also plan to short my sessions to possibly 90 minutes. I am making these two big changes to add focus and concentration to my sessions.
    However yesterday afternoon in Aneros chat, I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time chuckjo2000. He has been Anerosing for an advanced user. He has offered me to coach and mentor me in my sessions.
    Yesterday afternoon, Chuck suggested several exercises as aids to achieve orgasm with Aneros.
    (1) Nipple exercises: Press left nipple while Anerosing for a while. Then circle with a finger tip lightly the areole of your left nipple taking a minute for a full orbit while Anerosing.
    (2) While doing nipple stimulation, press left toe heavily forward. You will feel heaviness. That is good.
    Do both exercises seated with an Aneros tool inserted. Yesterday I discovered that Tempo, Peridise, and Progasm Junior are ideal for this.
    You also can do these exercises in Anerosless sessions. In fact, your Anerosless sessions will be greatly enhanced and magnified thus leading to integation in your Aneros journey.
    The sky is the limit. I am super excited this morning!!!
    Take care!

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