• Celebrating Independence Day 2015 with Aneros

    Hi guys,
    I think this morning I had one of the best Aneros sessions ever, and I may have experienced my first Super-O!
    I rose about 5 a.m., intending to spend the day with some of my translation projects. First I took a walk outdoors in my immediate neighborhood, getting some groceries from the 7-Eleven a block away. Then I hopped on the Internet reading the news and surveying the weather forecast. Of course here in the USA, today is the Fourth of July, a major holiday. For many years living here in DC, I have observed the Fourth of July in somber reflection, forgoing the fireworks on the National Mall, a couple miles away. It is too much a mob scene, closely akin the Halloween. So I stay close to my apartment on such holidays. But this year, my observance of our nation's birthday seemed even more somber. I was beginning to get really depressed.
    However, my body was telling me that today is absolutely free, no obligations, Georgetown where I live is quiet and calm. My body told me that it was hungry, even horny for an Aneros session. So I quickly set up my session by pulling out my Aneros best buddies in the following order: Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus.
    This morning, I decided to surrender to the pleasure these four good buddies give me, and I believe that I was rewarded with my first Super-O, albeit a subtle one, but the energy of which grows and grows and grows in Aless!!!
    This morning I focused on Helix Classic is it hit all the pleasure spots of my prostate and anal musculature. It was even more so with Progasm Classic. I could get enough of my Progasm Classic hitting all those pleasure spots big man fashion. This action continued with Tempo in its own way. I think it is possible to get a Super-O with Tempo. Do you think so? I ended with Maximus which hits those pleasure spots in its own direct way.
    When I surrendered to Aneros pleasure today, I was rewarded with the electric energy of pleasure pervading my whole body. Right now as I type this it feels like I am riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. I can cream my camo shorts if I wish! Just also beautiful is for me in today's session and in Aless to stimulate so lightly my nipples, chest, abs, pubes, the corona of my glans penis, etc. My Super-O was subtle at best, but powerful, and continues in Aless! I hope in future sessions to replicate and explore this new territory that I have embarked upon!

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