• First Session: Ahead as planned

    When I got home from work yesterday, my Syn arrived. I was so excited that it did, I honestly felt like a kid at Christmas. But I had told myself I should wait till my pre-planned time this coming Saturday where I know I will…

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  • The prequel

    I thought I should give this a try and the thought of doing a blog with updates really appealed to me. Let's start. Recently 35 and I've always had a very high sex drive. Masturbate at least twice a day most days. And very limited…

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  • My 2nd post.

    I finally went to bed last night proud of myself for not masturbating to ejaculation. I did stoke myself to the point of several drops of precum. When that happened, i just squeezed out what I had, wiped it off. Then licked it. As I…

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