• Best session so far!

    Wow! This was my best session I have had so far. This was my 6th session, and I was kind of detached from my Helix after my previous session. This was due to the fact that I was really scared of my heart rate going…

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  • Like a dog

    So, after a relative good first session, I was ready for some more action with my Helix. Before I actually started with my second session, I aroused myself by downloading some good porn. Next thing was to do some bowel and take a nice hot…

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  • Arrival of my Helix, first session was better than I thought!

    Today I was pretty nervous because my Helix was arriving. Luckily I am home alone most of the time on this Friday. As soon as the package arrived, my belly started making noises, and I had the urge to do some serious bowel movement ……

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