• Let u know what is going on

    I have had several sessions since my last post and my journey continues. Every session brings me something new. With the helix I am quickly aroused and start having strong Os. They draw me up into a ball and cause me to moan and yell….

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  • 3 Weeks Into The Journey

    Well I have just completed three weeks of my journey through the land of anal and prostate stimulation and it has been quite a joruney. Last nite I had a remarkable session, everything came together. After I inserted my helix I began shaking and it…

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  • So Much To Talk About

    Such has gone on with my journey I don't know where to begin. First I have had several sessions since my last post. Each has been incredable. Last Friday I received my Helix and Progasm. I have been using the Helix since then and it…

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  • Sessions Four

    First thanks for the comments, they keep me going and as I said before they really make me feel a member of a very special group. Keep them coming. Also I have learned how to spell "orgasm". I was traveling this week so I had…

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  • Session 3

    Thanks all for the comments, you make me feel that I am a member of a special group. Please make more, I need the support I just completed my third session and I continue to make progress. I still have a lot twitching and shaking,…

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  • Second Session

    First thank you all for the feedback and encouragement you have given me.I feel that I am a member of a very special group. Now on to the second session, I could not wait so early this morning I had my second session with the…

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  • First Time-Next Time

    My MGX arrived last night and I got up in the middle of the night to try it out and the experience was unbelievable. First I had no trouble with insertion. After a 10 minute relaxtion period I started with slow contraction. My body immediately…

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