• Registration Day

    October 2008 – October 3rd – Registered for the forum. Where I am today. Isn’t that just the question everyday? What is it that compels a man, in mid-life, to start making internet adult toy purchases? Compels a man to experiment with anal devices, become…

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  • 4th Month

    September 2008 – I purchase a 5 cc. lube applicator over the internet. The blunt end is perfect for anal use. I also purchase Maximus lube. The old lube I had contained glycerin – not pleasant. Got the go-ahead to purchase the Peredise Starter Set….

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  • 3rd Month

    August 2008 – Kids go back to school mid month and I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home dad. The first week I get to have a session every day. This is fun and I have some good feelings. I’m also trying to…

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  • 2nd Month

    July 2008 – Thinking the Aneros product might be mainstream, I drive to a local Adult Toy Store. I guess it’s not mainstream. Nobody carries this product or has heard of it. Being a straight laced kind of middle America guy – there’s not a…

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  • 1st Month

    Background: Male, mid 40’s, married with children. June 2008 – While cruising a web site for couples, I read a couple of threads on tantric sex. One of the threads talks about prostate massage leading to great orgasms for men. A simple Google search on…

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