• An update

    It has been awhile since my last update. It has also been awhile since what I would call my last 'dry-gasms' (all the sensations of cumming, but without ejaculation) or what I would classify as a 'super-O'. I've had some enjoyable sessions all the same,…

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  • A new way of cumming

    After the success I had with an electrifying orgasm just from rubbing the pelvic ridge between my cock and belly button while the Progasm was in, I reflected on the fact that I most enjoy using the Progasm when lying face down. This must have…

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  • Another videoclip

    As promised, I have edited the rest of my session as described previously during which I had my first dry-gasms (all the sensations of cumming without the mess). This was followed by what could only be a Super-Orgasm (but only after the camera batteries died)….

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  • So THAT is what the Super-O feels like!

    Several times when I've been using the gizmo (maybe once or twice a week for the past 6 weeks or so), I've been tried to match the sensations I was feeling with what's been described on this site: 'Is that a mini-O? A dry orgasm?…

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  • My second videoclip

    You might find my second videoclip a bit dull because I've kept the editing to a minimum. I wanted to give a better impression of what a session for me involves, or at least at its beginning. http://www.xtube.com/play_re.php?v=Bn3rC-G821- The big news is that after making…

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  • My first videoclip

    As promised, I have made a videoclip with highlights of a recent 45-minute session (20 minutes preps, 25 minutes on camera):- http://www.xtube.com/play_re.php?v=QFOzT-C221- There were two constraints on my time – needing to go work afterwards and having only 30 minutes of high quality video available…

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  • A proper wank

    The other morning before work I tried an experiment. What if I was truly aroused and having a wank when using the Progasm? Bear in mind all my other solo sessions involved me lying in bed with no stimulation other than my imagination. So I…

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  • Couldn't resist another go

    X was out with some mates of ours (remember, I had been hungover most of the afternoon) and I spent the evening by myself starting the blog. Typing up my blog entries last night, reading through the comments and looking at some Xtube clips left…

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  • Now THAT'S more like it

    Last night we were down the pub with some mates. It wasn't too hard a session, but after 2 pints of bitter I had to switch to Hoegaarden. My body does not cope with switching, even if it's between different types of beer. I felt…

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  • Round 2 – the pair of us

    X came home that evening and was taken aback by what was waiting on the kitchen table. 'What's that?' he asked. 'A sex toy…you'll see' I told him. We had a first go that night. We had been feeling romantic and were getting up to…

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