• Captivated by my prostate only

    Hello again. After that overwhelming first experiences with my new little sex weapon I had no clue how it should get any better.
    Two days later I was still steamrolled by the feelings the Aneros Eupho Syn had evoke in my prostate. I lay on my bed and thought about this session and the difference to those earlier lessons learned with my Nexus G-Rider. I did a little stretching, yawned heartily and was willing to fall asleep, as some vibration from my prostate captured my attention.
    As I had learned from my Eupho lesson I did let go doing nothing. The vibration build up and became more intense. It wandered through my testicles, into my cock, along my spine and up to my nipples. I felt a warm shivering through my whole body. Like a rodeo horse I made an inverse bow and felt pure pleasure. Waves of these feelings struck my body, uncontrolled muscle tensions in my legs and pelvis and unvoluntary moans of pleasure followed. I got a semi hard-on and bumped in the air.
    I visualized some sex scenes from porn comics I liked to read, but now I was part of the scenery, involved in wild intercourse with those blinding colorful creatures with their musculous and feral bodies and genitals. It was the beginning of a wild orgy, some time later I found myself on all fours in ongoing rough sex with those creatures grasping my mattress and moaning in ecstasy. Aching hard-ons were coming and going. Sometimes I felt like ejaculating, but there was only precum dripping from my cock, sometimes there was a little release, then the next wave shook me even more than before, my mouth went dry but I didn’t want to stop it.
    When I was too exhausted to go on I finally fell asleep. In some short moments of clearness I recognized my clock, therefore I know it must have lasted for more than two and a half hours, I presume, in the end I was captivated by my prostate for about three hours.
    As it is two weaks ago I would call myself a liar, if I had not had about thirty little orgasms today standing somewhere – in the kitchen or the bathroom – concentrating on my prostate and let it create a little orgasm for me, followed by at least a half erect penis and a feeling of joy and a sense of pleasure and new energy. I am really wondering how I shall get the other things done in future. It’s so awesome, I am so speechless, I really am hoarse, may I have shout myself hoarse the last nights? Nevertheless I would not want to miss these experiences. Nympho, what have you done to me?


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      10/23/2016at12:58 am

      @SOwithoutAneros, I must reconnect my Eupho again. The most wonderful thing about Eupho is that it penetrates deeply and tends to dance as it massages your prostate. I think your experienced a series of Super-O’s and MMO’s during your sessions. You also experienced wild Aless or Aneroslessness. Congratulations!

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      10/23/2016at12:08 pm

      @BigGlansDC, thanks for your comment. “It tends to dance” is the best description of what happened. To me it is really difficult to find expressions that can describe those wonderful feelings. You are a great help. And thanks for your congratulations too, I’m full of happiness about achieving accesses so fast. Maybe earlier thai massages have opened my mind and gave me the sensitivity to feel what the Eupho had ready for me. Best Wishes!

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      10/23/2016at1:58 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros what a great post! Congratulations on achieving the ultimate goal; I’m happy for you. Things should continue to flourish for you from that point on especially in your Aless sessions (according to @BigGlansDC). Keep writing about your progress as you are inspiring to read.

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      10/23/2016at4:21 pm

      @GGringo, a big thank you for your comment. Reading it gave me a sudden thrill, a subtle wild aless, I think, uhh, if I understand this word properly. I’m so glad about these new experiences that I have a great wish to share them. All the more I’m pleased that you even feel inspired. And indeed it continues to flourish for me every day. After showering today I tried some nipple play as smooth as possible. When I stretched like standing to attention that gave me a p-wave and a nice hard-on. It felt so great. Your praise will be an incentive to keep my blog up to date. Nevertheless I expect this to remain a challenge as time consuming this new addiction is. But I think we both already know that it’s worth it. 🙂 Good Vibes!

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