• Can't get enough of Aneros lovin', Sessions for February 11-14

    Monday morning session, February 11: Necking with my Aneros buddies.
    Sequence of models used: Progasm Black Ice — Progasm Classic — Helix — Progasm Ice — Maximus
    Duration: ca. 2.75 hours.
    This morning I "necked" with each of my Aneros buddies during much of the session just letting the pleasure build. It felt so nice when the "boiling" centered in my prostate reached critical point when the autof**k action began. It really felt good!!!
    Thursday morning session, February 14: Quality time with my big Aneros buddies.
    Duration of models used: Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic — Maximus — Progasm Black Ice
    Duration: ca. 2.75 hours.
    This morning I spent a good 75 minutes with each of my Aneros big buddies which I just love and adore. I used long and firm Kegels with each of these guys and was richly rewarded with good, hot autof**k action! I just cannot get enough of these good Aneros buddies!!!
    Saturday morning session, February 16: A full court press!
    Sequence of models used: Helix Syn — Maximus — Progasm Ice — Helix Classic — Progasm Classic — Maximus — Progasm Black Ice.
    Duration: A good 4 hours!
    Wow! What a session I had this morning! In the last few months, certainly when I began to gain confidence in using the Maximus and Progasm models, I have had quite a few amazing sessions that have left me speechless. This morning my session was a full court press, man-to-man action of my Aneros buddies on a basketball court, actually a sequence of smaller models sandwiched between larger models.
    I began the session at around 6:35 a.m. after a couple hours of foreplay before physical and mental. Oh, I really wanted this session. I was really horny for my Aneros buddies. Actually my horniness began early last evening when I attempted a masturbation session. I really wanted some self-loving. Unfortunately a fire alarm in my apartment building which preempted my date with my penis, scrotum, and prostate. Yes, prostate! )But more about that later(. So my horniness had to simmer until early this morning. So this morning, I began with Helix Syn, my good buddy who initiated me into Anerosing early June 2012. I spent a good hour with Helix Syn, necking with him, letting him lie upon my prostate, letting the pleasure build, and then letting him massage my prostate in long full strokes, rapid quick strokes in jack rabbit fashion, over and over again.
    Then I switched to Maximus which I began using in August 2012. I spent perhaps 30 minutes necking with him mostly, just savoring his long, direct touch along with the full-length of my prostate.
    But it was only with Progasm Ice that my session this morning really began to take off. I am amazing always by the full-bodied massage action of my Progasm buddies. I just love how their girth massages anal musculature as well as my prostate. I savor the sleek in and out action Progasm Ice and Black Ice as they autof**k me. So this morning I just let Progasm Ice do his job in manly fashion as I spent 75 minutes minutes with him. Wow!
    Likewise I gave some quality time with Helix Classic, just love his direct touch upon my prostate. Then I switched to big, bruiser Progasm Classic which I consider the epitome of Anerosing, my very best buddy. It is said that the Progasm Classic is a real challenge to use. That is true. This model is not recommended to beginners in Anerosing, especially those who have not had any experience in anal play. Yet, Progasm Classic was among the very first models which I ordered in December 2012. When I saw him for the very first time, held him in my hand and felt his heft, he looked and felt absolutely intimidating. This is a model most guys have to work up to gradually. Progasm Ice introduced me to big, bruiser "f**ker" Progasm Classic, but it took me a good two months before I was able to Aneros with my Progasm buddies with confidence. What I like most about Progasm Classic is that he provides traction which is ideal for developing my anal musculature and sphincters which comes through the Kegeling and Anerosing! This morning I spent a good 75 minutes of quality time with my best buddy as he loved me up! Thank you Progasm Classic for being always there for me as my main man in teaching me what Anerosing is all about!
    Then I returned to Maximus again for another 75 minutes. This time I let his full-bodied length massage the entire length of my prostate in various ways just as Helix Syn did earlier. But this morning I focused some in suspending the autof**k action of the Maximus in just letting the pleasure build until autof**king bursts forth like a pile driver! I did this over and over again and reaped tons of pleasure! Finally I ended this morning's session with Progasm Black Ice who replicated some of the action of his brother, Progasm Ice. But I worked with Progasm Black Ice for only 20 minutes as fatigue was setting in. In total, I spent a good four hours with my Aneros Team who left me satiated and satisfied with pleasure!
    I conclude with a brief comment on masturbation. There is truly a vital connection between a guy's prostate and his entire sexual apparatus, especially his testicles and his penis. When I masturbate now, I am thrilled that my awakened Anerosed prostate loves to get in on the action. But more about this in a later blog entry. Take care!

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