• Burning arousal in one go

    More and more, it begins to dawn on me that Aneros isn’t really all that necessary for some good hands-free orgasms. Frankly, it’s been that case since half a year into my journey. Today, I had roughly an hours worth of crazy Dry-Os — letting it finally ignite from a spark of arousal. The spark in question often develops initially from innocent glimpses of anything eye-catching — like a pin-up girl, or a throw-away sex scene in a film. Crap like that are plastered all over the net and TV. It flies past my mind, but about five days after the refractory period, libido hits its peak. It becomes increasingly tough to ignore that imagery.
    And Thursday was such a case — it felt amazing. My perineum, prostate, ass… all were warm, tingling and buzzing; just like what users on the forum report! Tumblr also proves its a fantastic source of porno, as much as funny posts and awesome projects. I precum’ed a little too, and although one shouldn’t, I see it as a barometer on how active the prostate was. Quite a bit, from the looks of it.
    One nice aspect about Anerosless sessions is the ease of experimenting on stimulation. The device isn’t in there having a party and making some noise, so it’s easier to see what works on creating unique sensations. I practiced different hums to see which effects the abdomen, for instance. I also touched around the body and neck, varying between rubbing and tapping — the neck certainly gets the prostate active.
    Later that day, I decided to give the Progasm a go — the session wasn’t that effective, in fact. Some sweet moments did arise unique to the device, for sure, but it didn’t scoop me away into Orgasm world. Hmm.
    It goes back to arousal levels. Must of blown a lot of it on that spark.

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